Information and assistance

Providing information and assistance to drivers forms an integral part of the motorway management process.

Websites and mobile apps are used to provide real-time information on the road network, traffic and everything that the local area has to offer.

Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteeing services and safety via the internet, over the phone and on the road.

Our information is accurate, dynamic and proactive.

In order to best plan your journey, in terms of both safety and making the most of what the surrounding area has to offer, you can count on one of our information channels: today, the internet is undoubtedly one of the main sources of information, but you can also contact our operators who are always on hand to reply to your requests.
Thanks to our partnership with motorway operators in the north east of Italy, the mobile app Viaggando is also available (for Android, IOS and Windows Phone), offering comprehensive real-time information on the motorway network between Brescia and Trieste.


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Customer support

Commercial support services are provided through 4 Service Centres situated at the motorway exits of Desenzano, Verona Sud, Vicenza Ovest and Thiene.

These Service Centres sell Telepass devices and Viacards (both prepaid and linked to the customer’s current account), also providing the relative after sales services. It is also possible to settle missing toll payments, receive information on tolls, request refunds and invoices for tolls paid in cash. For further information on the Telepass system (how to register, types of contract, costs, reporting a lost device, change of number plate, etc.), please visit the website

Customer support along the road, on the other hand, is guaranteed by our Traffic Control Officers who are available to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their role is to supervise the entire stretch of motorway, guaranteeing direct and prompt intervention in case of an accident, removing any debris on the carriageway, vehicles in a hazardous position, and to ensure that traffic flows as smoothly as possible. Our Traffic Control Officers also work together with Traffic Police and other Emergency Services in case of an accident, help road users in difficulty, put in place any road signs necessary to alert drivers to a hazard and carry out urgent maintenance work to ensure the infrastructure is safe (e.g. damage to safety barriers, fencing, road signs, etc.).


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Service Charter

Dear Traveler,
for over 65 years we have managed one of the busiest motorway sections in Italy and Europe and we are at the center of the management and development of the infrastructure and communication of our territory. We put everyday at service of millions of travelers technologies and skills and in return we would like to ask just one thing: #usatelatesta.

Our commitment is daily oriented to ensure safety while travelling and we offer services in line with the continuous evolutions of the needs of travelers for an experience worthy of expectations. The "Carta dei Servizi" has the objective to collect in a synthetic but exhaustive way information about infrastructure plans, service factors, quality indicators, measures to protect the customer as well as the cardinal principles of our Company in order to illustrate the best related infrastructure and services.

This communication and interaction tool allows you to know more precisely how we offer our service and to be as informed and secure as possible.

Have a nice trip.

The Chairman

Gonzalo Alcalde


Service Charter

Tolls and payment statements

If the toll is not paid, in whole or in part, at the toll booth a receipt is issued stating the missing payment. On each receipt the number of the missing payment, the vehicle data, the transit data and the unpaid amount are reported.

If the toll is paid within 15 days from the missing payment statement being issued, then the customer will not be charged any additional fee.

Already after a few minutes from the transit it is possible to proceed to the on-line payment of the missing payment statement, issued exclusively by the Brescia Verona Vicenza Vicenza Padova S.p.A company, by inserting in the system  the number of the missing payment present in the receipt . Alternatively, it is possible to pay the missing payment by bank transfer, at the post offices or toll booths and the company's Service Centers.

Go to the PayOnLine service in order to easily settle the missed toll payments, on the information button you will find all the necessary additional information related to the payment.