A 65-year journey

A daily commitment to building our future.
For over 60 years, we’ve been moving ideas, people and information

Right from the very beginning, we've always worked passionately and expertly to support travellers by connecting different areas and communities, respecting the environment and local social-economic contexts.

We promote integrated and sustainable mobility. We use the most advanced technology and solutions to prevent road traffic accidents in order to guarantee safe and intelligent mobility for people and their vehicles.

A 65-year journey

A4 Group was created to manage one of the most congested motorways in Italy and in Europe.

In 1952, the joint-stock company Autostrada Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padova S.p.A. was established in order to connect the east and west of Italy's Po Valley. The aim was to provide continuity for the existing stretches of motorway and boost industrial and economic development in the surrounding areas.

Today, the group's mission is to continue to support local development by improving the road system and by designing, building and managing new infrastructure, developing integrated, innovative and technologically advanced solutions in order to guarantee a high standard of service and safety to travellers.


The Company is a concessionaire on behalf of ANAS (the Italian national roads authority) in charge of “building and running the 146.1 km stretch of motorway between Brescia and Padua and the 89.5 km stretch of motorway between Piovene Rocchette and Canda on the A31 Trento-Valdastico-Vicenza-Riviera Berica-Rovigo, as well as the ring road interchanges of Lonato (BS), Verona, Vicenza, Padua and other smaller interchanges".

A Board of Directors, which appoints the Chairman, is in charge of running the Company.

The company's operating structure deals with core business activities such as the management and maintenance of the stretch of motorway falling under its responsibility and designing new projects.



Corporate governance

Our corporate governance is increasingly called upon to take on board input from its stakeholders, ensuring that there is continuous development and a close relationship with all people who have an interest in the company and with the local area - factors which have always characterised our business.

To meet this requirement, we have developed an open and transparent management model.

The Articles of association for Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A. describe the principles that govern the company’s activities and management. The Articles of association also define the role of the shareholders and the criteria to appoint members of the Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors.

The Code of Ethics identifies the core set of values that underpin corporate culture and translate into the principles and management policies used to implement best practices, guiding our daily conduct in all aspects of the business.

The aim of our Code of Ethics is to guide A4 Holding Group’s management activities on the basis of ethical values and operating principles, in order to promote clear behavioural guidelines. The purpose of this is to meet the needs of all stakeholders and to consolidate the company’s positive reputation.

The “Model” uses a structured and methodical system of principles and organisational and control procedures to prevent, to the extent possible, the crimes listed by the relative decree from being committed as part of the company's activities.

Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A. has appointed its own Supervisory Board which is responsible for making sure that the Model is correctly implemented and complied with.

Quality, environment and safety

The value of a company is not just about the quality of its goods and services or the profit that it manages to make. The real value of a company is also based on its ability to meet the legitimate expectations of its stakeholders. Expectations in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Based on these principles, Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A. has developed a gradual and integrated approach to managing the main issues relating to corporate social responsibility. In fact, the Company has implemented a certified quality management system integrated with aspects relating to motorway safety, the environment, social responsibility and, lastly, workplace health and safety.

Company Policy Management Systems
The company’s Quality System that manages motorway safety with traffic assistance, toll collection, commercial support services, maintenance of infrastructure and road system equipment, design and management of the construction of road infrastructure.
A social responsibility management system that meets the increasing need among companies to have efficient procedures in place that take into consideration the ethical aspects involved with running a business.
Certification of the system used to measure the Motorway Quality Level on the stretch of the A4, in order to create the technical-organisational conditions to improve the overall effectiveness of road safety policies.
The workplace health and safety system that allows the company to organise its activities in order to control and reduce risks, prevent accidents, comply with applicable legislation and improve its services in terms of safety.
Adopting an environmental protection policy that ensures company processes comply with applicable legislation, that allows for an optimal use of available natural resources and that prevents pollution and protects the local area.

Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A. contributes to A4 Holding Group's goals in terms of sustainability, sharing the belief this is a strategic top priority for business development, able to generate long-term value and create trust-based relationships with stakeholders. In this context, the consolidated Sustainability Report represents a tool to present and manage the impact of our activities on the communities and areas in which we operate, and to formalise our commitment.


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Service Charter

The Service Charter is provided in compliance with the Concession Agreement, the specific Directive issued by the (Italian) Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (no. 102/09) and the Operating Instructions issued by the Directorate-General for Supervision of motorway concessionaires (“Direzione Generale per la Vigilanza sulle concessionarie autostradali “ - “DGVCA”), dated 29th January 2010. This charter summarises the principles followed by the Company, infrastructure plans, aspects of the service provided and quality indicators, together with the results promised and achieved and the measures implemented to protect customers. The Service Charter is therefore used as a tool to share information and to communicate with customers, in the firm belief that this can also improve company efficiency.

Service Charter

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The A4 Holding group

As part of its industrial vision, A4 Group has integrated skills and expertise in designing, building and managing infrastructure to improve interpersonal relationships and encourage the sharing of ideas, thereby promoting integrated and sustainable mobility.

Alongside its physical motorways, it has also developed virtual data highways and fibre-optic networks, representing a powerful driver of mobility and accessibility for people and information.

This constant technical and technological progress goes hand in hand with the staff development, continuously building people’s professional skills and abilities, who are already some of the most well-trained, experienced and committed in the industry. This guarantees safe and intelligent mobility for people and vehicles, fully respecting the environment and surrounding area.

With its historical roots in the north east of Italy, the A4 Group aims at providing integrated and sustainable mobility solutions, which are of fundamental importance for ideas, people and information to be able to travel towards the future.


A4 Holding