Flow of traffic

The flow of traffic is one of the most important elements of the motorway service.

To this end, the Company has designed and implemented a number of measures to ensure that your journey is as safe as possible and that the traffic flows as smoothly as possible.


We carefully plan and manage roadworks along the road network, using appropriate road signs and providing information to customers in order to reduce any inconvenience that said roadworks may cause to the normal flow of traffic and increase the safety of those travelling on the roads affected.

The Company notifies drivers of roadworks using the variable message signs and boards available at all entry barriers and along the carriageways, in accordance with technical requirements. In addition, it normally guarantees that two lanes remain open along the A4 and one lane on the A31, respects the deadlines set for the duration of roadworks and makes sure that their presence is limited during periods of particularly intense traffic.

In collaboration with Traffic Police, the Company restores and/or coordinates the restoration of traffic flows after an accident, guaranteeing that emergency services arrive as soon as possible.


The Company provides prompt notification of any road network issues and weather conditions that may affect safety and the flow of traffic. This provides customers with advance notice of driving conditions along the motorway, allowing them to be well-informed and enjoy a safe journey with peace of mind.

The Company has installed variable message signs along entry roads (29 in total) and along the carriageways (39 in total) and variable message boards at the entry barriers (36 in total), in order to provide prompt information on traffic conditions.


The flow of traffic is also affected by how quickly vehicles can pass through the tollbooths.

Smooth traffic flows are properly managed through automatic lanes to enter the motorway, automated toll payment systems such as Viacard, Fast-pay, Self-service and Telepass, and an adequate number of lanes for cash payments at the exit barriers.

The Company has equipped all its entry and exit areas with automatic lanes, and lanes for cash payments are also available at each exit, making sure that expected traffic volumes can be managed appropriately. To further reduce waiting times, the Company also plans on introducing additional automatic lanes, bringing them into line with expected traffic volumes and efficiently managing the planned maintenance work of the relative equipment.

Service and rest areas

Numerous well-equipped service and rest areas and car parks are available along our stretch of motorway for the comfort of drivers and their passengers. The Company has entrusted a third party to manage these areas and regularly inspects the performance of the facilities and the level of service provided.

The Company holds a concession for 14 service areas located along its stretch of motorway. All of these areas are equipped with facilities to meet customer requirements in terms of relaxation, refuelling and refreshments.

By visiting the website of the (Italian) Ministry of Economic Development, you can check the fuel prices applied throughout the Italian motorway network.

These prices are updated directly by the managers responsible. Go to fuel prices.

There are currently six rest areas open along our stretch of motorway. These areas are equipped with rest facilities to enable customers to take a break, and with a café or cafeteria.

Six unattended parking areas are also available on the A31 Valdastico motorway.


For more than ten years, Truck Park Brescia Est has been an area entirely dedicated to truck drivers: here they can stop in complete safety and enjoy services dedicated not only to vehicles but also to people.

Located at the Brescia Est toll booth along the A4 Brescia – Padova motorway and with its 172,000 m2 that make it the largest vehicle truck parking area in Europe, Truck Park is considered a real transport citadel.


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