The North Ring Road of Padova is a work that allows the connection between the S.R. 47, at the Padova Ovest motorway tollbooth, and the S.R. 11 and S.R. 515 in the locality of Busa di Vigonza, respectively for the Padova-Venezia and Padova-Treviso traffic routes, at the Padova Est toll gate.

The entire work, consisting of lots 1, 2 and 3 made in successive periods from 1997 to 2005, has a total development of approximately 7.7 km.

The Municipality of Padova, with other funding, has allowed the completion of the South belt, realizing the closure of the outer ring of the ring roads with the East ring road (Corso Argentina, Corso Kennedy) and the West ring road (Corso Australia, Corso Boston).

Technical data:
Territorial scope: Municipality of Padova;
Type section: 2 lanes for each direction;
Length: 7,7 Km;
Main works of art: n. 2 viaducts in Pontevigodarzere (528 m and 1.285 m), Altichiero viaduct (734 m).