Information on how to pay

In case the toll cannot be paid at the time of transit at the toll booth, a missing payment statement is created, stating that the toll has not been collected.

The toll can be paid without any kind of charge within 15 days from the date of issuance of the missing payment report.


Missing payments can be solved through several ways:

Through the “Pay online” service available at the following link.



At our toll stations or 4 service centres in Thiene, Vicenza Ovest, Verona Sud and Desenzano.

(Only in Italy) It is also possible to pay at post offices on the postal account 1008204941, made out to AUTOSTRADA BRESCIA VERONA VICENZA PADOVA S.p.A., indicating on the reason for the C/C slip the license plate of the vehicle and the number of the missing payment statement the payment refers to.

You can also pay by bank transfer through the following bank details:


IBAN: IT92 L 05034 11710 000000025252 BIC SWIFT: BAPPIT21010  

indicating on the reason for payment the license plate of the vehicle and the number of the missing payment statement it refers to.

In case the entry ticket is missing, according to Article 146 of the italian Highway Code, it is possible to prove the tollbooth of origin by showing proof documentation (toll receipts from previous transit, declarations of attendance at work from one's company, invoices, packing slips, purchase receipts, tax receipts from hotels, restaurants, etc.).

Alternatively, you can submit a signed third-party declaration with a photocopy of the declarant's ID attached.

In the event of non-compliance with the obligation to pay the amount due, the dept procedure is activated which includes a payment reminder, a subsequent invitation to pay, injunction and distraint.



Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova may avail itself of the right to forward the relevant acts to the Traffic Police, who will establish the administrative penalties referred to in Article 176, paragraphs 11° and 21° of the italian Highway Code for the ascertained violation of the obligation to pay the freeway toll.


For more information on missing payment statements, you can contact Customer Service or fill out the appropriate Form.