Exceptional load vehicles

In the transport system, vehicles which fall under the category "exceptional load" (art. 10 New Highway Code), play an important part both for their common presence on the roads and for the influence they have on the safety and road conditions of the infrastructure. The Company has an apposite office which issues, on application, specific permits for the transit of exceptional load vehicles on the orbital roads and/or the connected network.

Restriction (*) to transit for exceptional transport
in vigor on the highway Brescia - Padua and
Tangential of Competence
Width Another parameter Interdiction Hourly
from to
Until m3,50
Lunghezza < 35 m
Length > 35 m
From Monday to Friday
06:00 10:00
16:00 21:00
06:00 21:00
More than 3,50
From Monday to Friday
06:00 21:00
*Additionally to the prohibitions brought in the annual calendar of the Office of the Public Jobs
  (Decr. Leg. of 30/04/92 n° 285).
**Such limitations are also applied on draws her of the A4 Milano - Brescia,
  Padua - Venice and of the A21 Piacenza - Brescia.

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