The history

SOCIETA' The Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A. Motorway Company, which bears the same name as the stretch it built, was founded in 1952 thanks to an alliance of public and economic bodies from seven provinces: Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padua e Venice.
The aim was to "unite" the two existing motorways, the Milano-Brescia and the Padova-Venezia, with a plan that ensured that this important infrastructure served all chief towns. This was achieved in February 1962, after four and a half years' work.
Enlarged to three lanes only in the Brescia-Sommacampagna stretch , the Brescia-Padova met, as other infrastructures in Italy did, with the effects of a law passed in 1975 which blocked the construction of new motorway stretches. It was only in the mid 80's that a new law was passed enabling the widening to three lanes of the whole stretch.


SOCIETA' From the second half of the 80's, the Autostrada Brescia Padova Company incorporated the Trento Valdastico Vicenza Riviera Berica Rovigo Spa Motrway Company, better known as the A31 Valdastico.
This company was founded on 23 September 1970. The stretch which today is practicable was opened in 1976 and runs between Vicenza and Piovene Rocchette passing through the areas of Dueville and Thiene. Currently undergoing construction is the southerly trunk road between Vicenza and Rovigo.