Who we are.

Company name:

BS-VR-VI-PD Motorway S.p.A.(joint-stock company)

Capitale Sociale

€ 125.000.000,00 int.versato

Chamber of Commerce reg. no.:

C.C.I.A.A. VR n. 0350682

VAT number and tax code:


ANAS licence:

Convention stipulated on 9 July 2007 and made effective by Law 101 of June 6, 2008

Head office:

Via Flavio Gioia, 71 - 37135 Verona - Italy

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fundamental principles

The fundamental principles which guide the Company in providing the activities delegated to the motorway concessionaires (access to infrastructure and maintenance), as part of an overall system designed to protect the user, are:


In customer relations, the Company follows the general criteria of objectivity and impartiality.


Autostrada Bs - Pd inspires their behavior with clients to criteria of objectivity, justice and fairness


The Company, under ordinary circumstances, strives to guarantee continuity and regularity of the motorway service and connected services such as break-down service, traffic news and assistence.

Freedom of choice

The Company is committed to ensuring the customer the freedom of choice between service providers and between different modes of transport.


In order to increase participation, the Company uses means of communication aimed towards improving motorway service.

Efficiency and effectiveness

The Company is forever working towards improving efficiency and effectiveness of the service it provides through a series of organizational, procedural and technical measures geared towards this aim.

Privacy Policy

The Company is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of its customers, who have the right to be informed on the processing of personal data and to give free consent.

Respect for the environment

The Company also intends to protect and appreciate the environment by raising public awareness, as well as that of its customers, employees and suppliers, to environmental issues.