Safety is undoubtedly one of the most important factors which make up the quality of service provided to the customer. For this reason, the Brescia-Verona-Vicenza-Padova Motorway, thanks to the experience and competence acquired and the use of adequate technology, takes action on the main structural indicators

Moreover, sharing the primary safety effort must be considered of indispensable value. The customer contributes in determining the quality of the service provided and the level of safety, by adopting a responsible driving manner which, in following the Highway Code scrupulously, is suited to the road and traffic conditions.


The Company considers the value of a security for all. Ongoing activities in the campaign for safety is our intention to launch an initiative on the driving behavior that play a fundamental role on "Road Safety". We believe that propose / get a style guide is extremely useful to allow improvements and responsible driving behavior in relation to traffic conditions, climate and infrastructure.


To such aim Them we would be grates if it wanted to answer to the 3 questions, contained in the attached questionnaire, in order to concur us better to set up an action in purpose.
This surveying is absolutely anonymous: it will be able therefore to express its appraisals and its comments in all freedom because of they she will come made an exclusively statistical use.

1) It can say its level to me of interest for the topic of the street emergency?
Hight Mean Low
2) Can indicate me its interest to use an instrument of autovalutazione of its style of guide who supplies suggestions in order to acquire lead new vituous ?
Hight Mean Low
3) Can indicate me its availability to use the computer science instrument for the compilation on-linens of questionnaires on the emergency and/or the satisfaction on the highway services ?
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