Sound barriers along the A31 - 1° and 2° Stretch


The work consists in the installation of sound barriers on the 1° stretch (1.025 m.) and the 2° stretch (6.327 m.) along the A31-Valdastico motorway near the main urban areas.

The sound barriers erected along the 1° stretch are slightly curved semi-tunnel shaped. The nominal height is 2.75 metres and they are made of transparent coloured sheets supported by painted steel calendered posts.

The transparent parts are made of sheets of synthetic material such as polymethylmethacrylate which is bent and coloured in order to prevent birds flying into the barriers.

In the 2° stretch different types of barriers have been used in order to respond to the acoustic technical and scenic requirements of the sites. The typology is similar to the barriers already installed along the A4 motorway, that is, sound absorbing wooden panels supported by steel posts, with the insertion of large transparent coloured parts and metal sound absorbing panels.

In total, the installation of the sound barrier apparatus is divided into 12 operations, 1 of which is relative to the I° and 11 to the 2° stretch.

Technical data 1° stretch

  • Territorial area: Municipial District of Quartesolo ? VI;
  • Typology: slightly curved semi-tunnel sound barriers, 2.75 m high.

Technical data 1° stretch

  • Territorial area: 8 Municipial Districts in the Province of Vicenza (Torri di Quartesolo, Quinto Vicentino, Vicenza, Monticello Conte Otto, Bolzano Vicentino, Sandrigo, Dueville and Thiene);
  • Typology: wooden sound absorbing panels supported by steel posts of a height which varies between 3 and 4m.

State of work:

1° stretch - completed in 2004

2° stretch - completed in 2005