reports of outstanding payment

If the customer is not able to pay the toll fee by any of the accepted means of payment, the Motorway Company formalizes the failure to pay the toll fee by way of a report of outstanding payment

The customer must pay off their due as soon as possible.

If the bill is settled within 15 days from the issue of the failure to pay, the customer will not be liable to any extra charge.

If this is not the case, the user will be charged a collection fee of 2.58 euro following 15 days from the outstanding payment.

The outstanding payment may be settled at toll stations and Service Centres of the Company or at post offices by postal order (only in Italy) to the current postal account 1008204941, made out to AUTOSTRADA BRESCIA-VERONA-VICENZA-PADOVA (head office), indicating as reason for payment (causale) the vehicle's number-plate and the reference number of the outstanding payment. One should note that only outstanding payments generated in one of the toll stations of the Company's stretch may be settled at the Brescia-Padova offices.

You can also pay by bank transfer through the following bank coordinates:


IBAN: IT80 P 02008 11758 000101805693 BIC SWIFT: UNCRITMMOTO


IBAN: IT92 L 05034 11710 000000025252 BIC SWIFT: BAPPIT21010


IBAN: IT51 X 07601 11700 001008204941

If the user has not yet received an outstanding payment reminder from the Legal Credit Management Service may go to Customer Service for a rapid solution of the case

One should note that according to the Highway Code, the user without a ticket, which may be found subsequently, may prove their provenance by exhibiting alternative evidence (toll fee receipt of the previous transit; declaration of the user's presence at the workplace by their employer; invoices; packing lists; receipts of purchases; tax receipts from hotels, restaurants etc.), or a declaration signed by a third party with a photocopy of the user's identity document attached.

If the customer does not pay what is due, the credit recuperating procedure begins with an initial reminder of outstanding payment, followed by a second reminder, injunction to pay and then distraint.

As a last resort, legal action will be taken for fraudulent insolvency

Outstanding payment report - Automatic toll lanes

Outstanding payment report - Runs self-service

Outstanding payment report - Manual toll lanes

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