The A4 stretch under the Company's competence, starts between the toll stations of Brescia Ovest and Brescia Centro (km 217,700) and ends immediately after the junctions of the Padova Est (km 363,723) toll station, with a total length of 146.1 km.

The motorway roadway is divided into two independent carriageways, each consisting of three lanes plus the emergency lane, separated by a central reservation which is protected by triple corrugated metallic barrier installed along the whole stretch from Brescia to Padova. By passes are placed on this central reservation at intervals of about every two km and can be used if necessary, to exchange carriageways and thus deviate traffic onto the opposite carriageway.

The carriageway towards Venice is called East, the one towards Milan is called West.

Each carriageway is composed of:

  • Overtaking Lane (width 3.75 mt.);
  • Fast Lane (width 3.75 mt.);
  • Slow Lane (width 3.50 mt.);
  • Emergency Lane (width 3.00 mt.).


The motorway A31 Valdastico currently open to traffic starting from the exit of Albettone Barbarano (38,662 km) and ends at the exit Piovene Rocchette (89,535 km) for a total length of 50.873 km.

The platform highway is divided into two carriageways independent, both in two lanes plus an emergency lane, separated by a central reservation protected by barrier metal to triple wave. Of these barriers at intervals of about 2 km is present a bypass, suitably closed, that in case of need (eg: block traffic, work) can be opened and allow then to divert traffic on the opposite carriageway.

The roadway in the direction Albettone-Barbarano is called South, the direction Piovene Rocchette is called North.

Lane width

  • Overtaking Lane (width 3.75 mt.);
  • Middle Lane (width 3.75 mt.);
  • Emergency Lane (width 3.50 mt.).