As well as constant monitoring, timely maintenance and repairs of main infrastructural elements (paving, safety barriers, road signs and roadway markings, etc...), the Company also carries out programmed minor operations which contribute to the efficiency of the network.


In order to improve customer safety and to avoid aquaplaning and stagnation of meteoric water, cleaning and expurgation of draining canals and collection and diverted water pipes is carried out periodically.


The fencing is checked regularly and any damage is repaired at once.


During the Spring-Autumn period, the verges and banks are mown and the valuable arboreal elements are taken care of. As with the periodical clearing of the lay-bys and emergency lanes, these jobs also include the collection of litter and waste.


Winter operations are a different matter and are carried out from 1 November to 31 March of each year.

During the above season, preventative ant-ice measures are carried out each time that the weather conditions or the forecasts require them. These preventative measures are normally carried out during the evening when there is less traffic.

In snowy conditions the Company is able to provide a fleet of gritting machines and snow clearing machines to clear the carriageway promptly. Each gritting machine is assigned to a stretch of about 30km.