Paving in good condition ensures optimal adherence and reduces the risk of dangerous situations.

The Company has built the roadway using draining and sound absorbing paving which also helps to improve visibility, to reduce aquaplaning and to contain noise levels both for the motorist and from outside the vehicle. The Company monitors paving periodically to check the degree of wear and to carry out the necessary maintenance operations.


The use of adequate safety barriers reduces the possibility of lane jumping or overturning and also offers anti-dazzle protection.

The Company has long since installed triple corrugated guard-rails on the central reservations of its stretch of the A4 which are able to absorb even the most violent impact by deforming themselves.

This type of solution has been judged to be more effective and less dangerous than the previous central reservations made of cement (New Jersey) and also more respectful of environmental impact.

A similar structure has been designed to substitute the double corrugated one, for the stretch of the A31 under management.


The availability of lay-bys contributes to improving safety by providing an adequate space to stop in case of emergency.

The availability of lay-bys contributes to improve safety by providing in case of emergency a space suitable for the parking of vehicles. The company carried out on the section pertaining to the A4 and the A31 that, starting from the interconnection with the Milan - Venice goes south, lay-bys every 500 m. about, and will ensure its cleanliness.


The installation of adequate illumination systems in the most critical points improves visibility at night or in conditions of poor visibility. The Company has installed illumination systems in the tunnels, toll station approaches and junctions and has them checked periodically for correct functioning.


The use of adequate road signs and markings, in compliance with Highway Code regulations, is necessary in order to ensure correct transit.

The whole stretch under management is equipped with adequate road signs and markings. Moreover, a reflective strip with small sound bands has been positioned on the right hand side of the carriageway to warn motorists that they are driving onto the emergency lane.

All road signs and markings are monitored periodically and substitution or updating is carried out where necessary.


Adequate functioning of bridges, viaducts, overpasses, etcÂ…is a fundamental element of the safety of the motorway infrastructure.

The Company, using adequate equipment, carries out periodic tests of the stability of its artefacts.

On the basis of information received the necessary standard and/or extraordinary maintenance operations can be planned.