Contacts and Customer

The Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova Motorway Company has described the services provided to its customers in the publication "Charter of motorway services" which may be requested from Service Centres, toll stations or downloaded directly from the site.

The Company wishes to constantly improve the quality of the services provided in order to fully satisfy its customers, Bodies and Institutions.

Complaints, comments, suggestions are carefully considered in order to raise company standards relative to quality, safety and the environment.

"Complaint" is understood to be any written notification sent by a customer or by an interlocutor to the Company in order to state that one or more aspects of the motorway service does not/do not conform to the customer's expectations.

Complaints or suggestions may be sent in several ways: by letter, by fax, by e-mail (see Useful numbers) or by filling in the appropriate form

All complaints/suggestions received are managed according to an internal certified procedure which involves:

  • Registration;
  • the forwarding to the competent company department;
  • the analyses of the complaint/suggestion and forwarding of an initial reply to the sender, if a thorough response cannot be issued within 15 days;
  • the definition of suitable corrective and/or preventative action and the evaluation of the effectiveness of such action;

Can also be sent requests for information on traffic on managed roads. Requests will be dealt with quickly by our staff.