Traffic flow

One of the most important elements of the motorway service is the flow of the traffic.

To this end, the Company has defined and carried out several measures in order to render the journey safer and the traffic flow smoother. The Company normally guarantees the customer use of the whole 3 lane infrastructure for the A4 and of 2 lanes for the A31, with the exception of those stretches which from time to time have road works for maintenance of structures or for other causes beyond the Company's responsability, such as accidents.


Careful management and planning of road works on the infrastructure as well as the use of road signs and travel news broadcasts, help to reduce inconvenience to motorists and improve safety.

In addition to informing motorists of road works by way of digital road signs and panels with changing messages placed at entrances and along the route, the Company, where compatible with technical needs, normally guarantees availability of two lanes per carriageway on the A4 and one lane on the A31, respects deadlines for the duration of road works and limits the latter during periods of particularly heavy traffic flow.


In collaboration with the Traffic Police, the Company carries out and/or coordinates the clearing of the road after any accidents that should occur, ensuring timely intervention of emergency services.


Up to the minute broadcasting of road and weather conditions which are relevant to road safety and traffic fluidity, inform the driver in advance of motorway conditions and make the journey safer and the driver more aware and more relaxed.

The Company has installed digital road signs with changing messages regarding conditions at motorway entrances (n.29) and along the route (n.39) and digital panels with changing messages at toll stations (n.36) in order to provide up to the minute traffic news.


An other factor that influences traffic flow is the receptivity of the toll stations.

The availability of automatic entrance lanes, automized toll payment systems such as Viacard, Fast-pay, Self-service, Telepass as well as an adequate number of cash-payment exit lanes, enables regular management of traffic flow.

The Company has built automatic lanes at both the entrance and exit of toll stations along the stretch under its management as well as enough cash-payment exit lanes to deal with foreseeable traffic flow. In addition, more automatic lanes are to be opened where needed according to traffic flow statistics and programmed maintenance of equipment is to be carried out efficiently in order to further reduce waiting time.