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PDF Statuto Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A.

PDF Balance sheet 2013 (IT)

PDF Balance sheet 2014 (IT)

PDF Balance sheet 2015 (IT)

PDF Balance sheet 2016 (IT)

PDF Balance sheet 2013 (ENG)

PDF Balance sheet 2014 (ENG)

PDF The Sustainability Balance Sheet 2013

PDF Valutazione Sustainability Balance sheet

Per i bilanci della società concessionaria relativi al periodo anteriore al 31 dicembre 2011 e per i bilanci di sostenibilità di Gruppo 2014 e 2015 si rinvia al sito dell'A4 Holding S.p.A.


The Brescia-Padova Company periodically distributes a series of informative material, a means of communicating with the vast and varied audience that makes up its clientele.

These publications, indicted in the following, are distributed free of charge and express the will of the Company to keep its customers informed in the best way possible. This material may be requested from our head office, toll barrier offices or from our service centres.

Charter of motorway services;