Useful info

Call centre

The call-centre which corresponds to the number 800-012812 is operational 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

The user, which makes up that number, provides a toll-free number (800 996099 - Viaggiando Information Centre) to dial for information on road and traffic conditions and for the weather forecast.

Moreover, if you have a push-button telephone, 3 options are available to you:

by pressing n° 1 you will be connected to the Operative Centre of the Company and you will be given the numbers of other Operative Centres;

by pressing n° 2 you will be given the number of the Viaggiando Information Centre (800 996099) and you can be connected directly to the Road Conditions Operative Centre of the Company;

finally, by pressing n° 3 you will be connected to the Service Centre if you wish to obtain any other information.